3 Worthless Chess „Stamps“

Established on 08.09.2017

Last update on 13.05.2019

On the Internet, numerous products are offered that fall under the terms „Illegal Stamps“, „Cinderellas“ or „Private Issues“. Since international organisations like the UPU or the FIP are unable to curtail these machinations, I use the existence of my internet pages to inform collectors.

Although legal evidenve is not provided for each individual item, the interested collector may assume that the stamps are not listed in any catalogue, which is an indication of an irregular origin.

Currently, the three listings include 764 positions in total!! Compared to mid October 2018, this is an increase of 121 records = +19%!!

3.1. Worthless Chess „Stamps“ from AFRICA (File Size: 46 MB)  403 Positions

3.2. Worthless Chess „Stamps“ from RUSSIA (File Size: 15 MB)  155 Positions

To avoid misunderstandings, it should be noted that the „Russia“ list includes almost exclusively regions of Russia, in which the used „countries“ have no postal sovereignty and therefore no stamps may be issued.

3.3. Worthless Chess „Stamps“ from the REST OF THE WORLD (File Size: 19 MB)  174 Positions