H12 Illegal Chess „Stamps“

Last Update: 14.01.2024

Currently, you will find six different PDF-listings showing illegal chess „stamps“. Since these worthless products are constantly being offered on auction platforms on the Internet, it has not been difficult to compile these lists. But time-consuming, because there are so many illegal stamps. Because many new illegal stamps are constantly being thrown on the market, these lists can not be complete either. Look into these listings from time to time to get the latest information.

You may be wondering what these reports should be about? They should given you the opportunity to protect yourself! Collectors are seduced to buy these illegal stamps. Often collectors can not decide if a product is legal or illegal. Collectors should therefore only the money to be pulled out of the pocket, which is later no longer available for sale at legal stamps.

Please also consider that a collection of illegal items is subject to a very strict quality devaluation – at exhibitions and also in case of total sales or parts of it. Anyone who has this scrap in their collection is quickly considered to be gullible and unprofessional. So it makes sense to keep the illegal objects out of the collection.

With the help of the lists published here you will be able to check if they have any illegal stamps in your collection. Likewise, if you are offered previously unknown stamps, you can make a quick check on legality in these lists.

While these lists clearly focus on illegality, then the topic „Agenten/Agents“ is dedicated to another variety of our hobbies: Here it goes semi-legal chess stamps that are mass-produced and distributed outside the specified countries. They never see the post office counters in their home country, but they are sold to collectors all over the world without any postal benefits. Inform yourself!

Currently, the three listings include 1.017 positions in total!!

For a better clarity the lists are sorted alphabetically by country. Click on the figures and a pdf-file will be opened.

  up to 2017 2018 Totals
Countries from A to F
304 94 398
Countries from G to M


115 372
Countries from N to Z
205 42 247


251 1.017

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