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Status: 17.12.2015

Catalogues for chess cancels are few and far between. An up-to-date catalogue is not (yet) available. In fact, the collector must either search on diverse private internet sites or trawl through relevant auction platforms. However, this does not give an overview.

It is generally accepted that the interest of collectors decreases when they do not have a source to inform themselves about their field of interest. This interest needs to be sustained.

It is the target of this catalogue to fill a gap that occurred with the demise of the Checkmate catalogue in August 1988. Now, for the first time, (almost) all issued cancels will be illustrated in detail in one work.

During the project, we were able to fill many gaps. At the same time, however, we have to admit that, despite every effort, this new catalogue also will not be complete.

It took a vast quantity of time to record all cancels and appropriate images in a database. This is impossible to be done by each collector himself. But we have carried out this task and will make it available for all collectors.