B214 Comparison of Catalogues (PM)

Last Update: 22.12.2018

Over the time, the following catalogues have dealt intensively with the topic of chess postmarks:

Author                         ended              Remark                       Positions

Henninger                   12/1976                                              743

Paroulek                     07/1978                                              865

Victor Woishko            12/1979                                              922

Checkmate                 08/1988                                              1993

Borges                        12/1997          without Europe          553

Ilijin                             05/2006          only Romania             329

GSM                            10/2012                                              3088

Deuker                        aktuell                                                4502

I had the opportunity to compare the contents of these catalogues and submit the result in the PDF file below.

The PDF file lists all the stamps of my current catalogue and assigns the respective positions from the other catalogues. It can be seen that there were gaps in the previous catalogues, which could now almost completely be filled.