B21 Catalogue (PM)

211 Demo Catalogue (PM)

212 Demo Meter Slogans (PM)

213 Demo of a Shortlist (PM)

214 Comparison of Catalogues (PM)

Status: 22.12.2018

With the beginning of 2019, the new 2nd edition of the Chess Cancels Catalogue will be published – the only up-to-date one in the market. Related information will be issued on these pages.

As you can see already on the HOME-page, the total volume of the catalogue will comprise more than 4.400 cancels, of which 97% can be supported by images. The DEMOs show the format of the catalogue.

Over 4.400 cancels will enlarge the size of the catalogue to more than 2.200 pages (with 2 cancels per page). This cannot be managed with paper any more, or even in a single PDF-file. Therefore, the total work is spreaded over five volumes. But all volumes are on one DVD!