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Status: 24.01.2018

During the 1st quarter of 2016, a new Chess Cancels Catalogue will be published – the only up-to-date one in the market (and the first since 1988!). Related information will be issued on these pages during the next few weeks and will be updated from time to time.

As you can see already on the HOME-page, the total volume of the catalogue will comprise more than 4.000 cancels, of which 97% can be supported by images. The DEMOs show the likely format of the catalogue. However, the layout is not yet finalized as the research is still ongoing.

Over 4.000 cancels will enlarge the size of the catalogue to more than 1.400 pages (with 3 cancels per page). This cannot be managed with paper any more, or even in a single PDF-file. Therefore, we are considering spreading the total work over several volumes.

For the first time, it is planned to attach a parallel Excel-file to the catalogue. This will enable the collector to perform sorting and filtering independently to suit his own collection. The Excel file, however, will not include images.