122 Prices * Shipment * GBC

Last Update: 17.11.2017

The orderer of the catalog accepts the following General Business Conditions (GBC) with his subscription:

  1. Each buyer receives an order confirmation and an invoice as email attachment.
  2. The products will be sold to private persons only.
  3. The products will be delivered in the form of PDF-files on one DVD.
  4. The shipment will be executed only after prepayment of the invoice amount. The method of payment will be informed in the invoice.
  5. For shipping and handling (postage, packaging) there will be an additional amount depending from the country of the ordering party. Please see table below.
  6. Upon request of the buyer, the shipment will be executed with registered mail.
  7. If the payment is executed via PayPal, additional fees will be charged.
  8. An order for third parties is allowed, however, for each ordering person = licence holder there must be a single order be executed via order form.
  9. All communication either in German or in English language.
  10. All prices are final prices plus delivery/shipment/postage. According to § 19 UStG the value added tax (VAT) will not be raised.



Since the catalog is an electronic product, the buyer will acquire a personal licence, which allows his private usage of the product. The production of copies for third parties is forbidden.

The licence identification will be mentioned in the catalog. In case of a copyright legal dispute a buyer must be aware that he can be identified when passing on the licenced catalog illegally.