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Last Update: 22.09.2023

I am pleased to inform you that a new 3rd edition of my stamp catalogue is planned in December this year. The editorial deadline will be as late as possible but is expected to be November 30, 2023. Delivery from 01.12.2023.

What does the catalogue offer?

  • Due to the ever increasing number of chess stamps, for technical reasons they have to be divided into two timelines: 1947 – 1989 and 1990 – 2023.
  • ALL chess stamps notified up to the editorial deadline, will be listed (a) chronologically and (b) by country and within countries chronologically. There will be 1 stamp per page (currently 1867 pages).
  • Also in separate lists: variations (116 pages) and issue/counter sheets (380 pages).
  • A new addition is the integration of the Dutch Stadspost stamps, which are also presented separately on 285 pages.
  • For those in a hurry, the whole catalogue will be presented in compact lists on 215 pages.
  • Then, as usual, there are compilations of designers, number of issued stamps, stamp sizes, chess masters on stamps and – new – lists with known Cinderellas, semi-official stamps and stamps that may be mistakenly be considered as chess stamps – but are not.
  • In addition to the regular entries like:
  • Chess in literature
  • Chess in painting (both edited by Gerhard Buchfelder),

which have been brought up to date, this catalogue now includes an illustrated bibliography (27 pages) of previous philatelic catalogs on the subject of chess.

  • In addition, statistics on the collection areas of stamps, postal stationery, FDCs and cancellations are included, as well as a complete list of ALL philatelic chess items.
  • Finally, there are lists with information about the countries, currencies and definitions (ST, PS, FDC, PM).

Since the number of pages in this 3rd edition totals more than 8,300 (no joke!), delivery is carried out as usual via data download. It simply couldn’t be printed. The number of data records processed in the overall catalog is >35,500.

The catalog can be ordered in German and English.

Orders can be made on my website www.chessstamps.com using the order form.  The price of the catalog is EUR 20.00, previous buyers receive a 25% loyalty bonus and only pay EUR 15.00.

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